Amazon Transcribe Medical Speech to Text Converter

Transcribes audio files with medical terminologies with state-of-the-art machine learning technology

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Audio File Transcribe

*Up to 2GB of Audio Files

Record Transcribe

*Up to 4 hours of audio file length

Amazon Transcribe Medical Features

primary care transcription

family medicine, pediatrics, etc

Supported Language

Currently only US English

Various audio extentions

mp3 | mp4 | wav | flac | ogg

Maximum audio file length

up to 4 hours

Maximum audio file size

up to 2GB in size

Speaker Identification

up to 10 people

Up to 60Min/Month Free

During first 12 month

Payment Method

Pay as you go model

Backend Via

Deep Learning Process (ASR)

Billed monthly

for $0.00125/second

Minimum charge

1 second per request

Admin Panel

Powerful backend system